Recognized as a Premium Provider of Logistics & Transport Services in Western Canada since 1999.

Roz Ventures IncDewey Rozendal was a professional driver for V&S Hay sales until 1999, when he stopped being an employee and started being his own boss. Together with his wife Judy they bought a new Western Star (unit 001) and Roz Ventures Inc was started.

In the early years the new Western Star 001 rarely stood still running hay and specialty freight from Washington and Oregon in the south, and Alberta and Saskatchewan in the East into the Fraser Valley. Drivers were scheduled to ensure the truck was always running (except Sundays). Then a few short years later one truck turned into three as demand for loads continued and friends and family (including 2 brothers) joined the company to work as employees or owner operators.

His son, David Rozendal started greasing trucks and trailers at an early age and as soon as he was able to drive at 19, he became a professional driver.

In 2007 Dewey hired his son in law, Shaun McCallum as a professional driver. After driving for the company for several years Shaun moved out of the driver’s seat and into the office working alongside Dewey and Judy as dispatcher in 2010.

As the company continued to grow and expand, adding trucks, employees and owner operators it turned its focus from moving loads to and from South of the border and flat deck work to B train hoppers, running pellets, grain, glass and sand from point A to point B in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

In 2018 Dewey and Judy semi-retired, leaving David Rozendal and Shaun McCallum to run the current fleet of 8 trucks and 15 trailers. Roz Ventures is currently focused on the agriculture side of transportation while keeping a few sets of flat decks available for hay and straw loads as well as light machinery.

Today we continue to value family as one of our top priorities. We still have the policy that no trucks run on Sundays, ensuring all drivers have adequate time at home with their loved ones.

Not sure if we will haul it?

We are here to help, so please send us a quote or call us directly. We will be completely honest with you, and let you know straight away if we can’t haul your goods. If this is the case, then we will guide you to a company who can haul your goods.

Hopper Division

Our Bulk hopper division can handle any of your Dry product transport needs. With our industry knowledge we have custom designed these trailers to ensure the customer receives the most tonnage per delivery. We maintain all our equipment and clean the hoppers routinely.

Wheat, Barley, Peas, Corn, Canola, Grain Screening Pellets, Wood Pellets, Sand, Organic Commodities

Do you have specialty freight?

We also have designated trailers to handle these deliveries.

Porcine Meals, Blood Meal, Feather Meal, Fish Meal

Ruminant Materials such as Meat and Bone Meal

We have a specific set of trailers for these loads. With CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) approved wash out procedures to ensure there is never any cross contamination.

Want it done right? On time? Worry free? Contact Roz Ventures Inc.

Flat Deck Division

Never have we forgot where we started. Our flat deck division can haul a large variety of products.

Lumber, Steel Plates, Steel Pipe, Plastic Pipe, Fencing, Rig Mats, Concrete, Precast, Straw, Rye Grass, Hay and more..

Need hay hauled?

That is specifically where we started and we’re still stacking super b trains with little bales by hand.



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