We serve authentic Indian flavors with modern flare

Royal ZaykaZayka is a whole new style of Indian restaurant. Authentic yet innovative, with a menu that honors tradition while reinventing it. Elegant and comfortable with a sumptuous decor awash in the hues of India’s signature spices.

One Stop For The Real Indian Cuisine

Royal Zayka brings you the wide range of regional and traditional cuisines native to India. At Royal Zayka you experience the real goodness of Indian spices and its unique flavor which brings you closer to the Indian tradition.

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  • All curries are gluten free
  • Chicken
    $ 12.95
  • Traditional Chicken and Butter Sauce Specialty Curry
    $ 11.95
  • Lamb Curry
    $ 13.50
  • Beef Curry
    $ 13.50
  • Fish Curry
    $ 13.95
  • Prawn Curry
    $ 14.95
  • Traditional Curry

    A combination of fresh ground spices covered in onion sauce with your choice of meat.

  • Butter Sauce Specialty

    A creamy tomato sauce cooked with your choice of meat.

  • Coconut Curry

    A unique combination of coriander and coriander cooked with your choice of meat.

  • Vindaloo Zesty

    Curry cooked in a tangy sauce with vinegar and potatoes with your choice of meat.

  • Jal Frazie

    Stir fried green and red peppers, onion and tomato in a special sauce with your choice of meat.

  • Mango Curry Specialty

    Traditionally marinated with mango and Indian spices cooked in onion sauce with your choice of meat.

  • Shahi Korma

    Traditional dish cooked with Indian spices in a cashew nut cream sauce with your choice of meat.

  • Palak Masala

    Creamed spinach cooked with garlic, ginger and Indian spices with your choice of meat.

  • Chilli Specialty

    Diced onion and bell pepper sauteed with indo-Chinese Spices with your choice of meat.

  • Kadhi Specialty

    Indian famous kadhi dish cooked with tomato, onion, bell peppers with Indian spices and your choice of meat.

  • Roganjosh

    Homemade curry cooked with spices, fried onions and your choice of meat.

  • Methi Malai

    Homemade creamy curry cooked with fenugreek and spices with your choice of meat.

Side Orders

  • Mango Chutney

    Sweet and tangy mango.

    $ 2.25
  • Achar

    Spicy mixed pickles.

    $ 2.25
  • Chutney

    Tamarind or mint.

    $ 2.25
  • Raita

    Homemade yogurt with cucumber and carrots, mildly spiced.

    $ 3.95

Veggie Curry

  • All curries are gluten free
  • Dak Makhni

    Creamed lentils cooked with Indian spices.

    $ 11.95
  • Chana Masala

    Chickpeas traditionally cooked with ginger and tomatoes.

    $ 11.95
  • Mixed Vegetable Curry

    Assorted garden vegetables cooked in Chef's special sauce.

    $ 11.95
  • Mushroom Masala

    Fresh mushrooms cooked with onions, tomatoes and Indian spices.

    $ 11.95
  • Palak Paneer

    Fresh spinach pureed, cooked with homemade cheese and fresh ground spices.

    $ 12.95
  • Zafrani Kofta

    Homemade cottage cheese dumplings cooked with Chef's special sauce.

    $ 12.95
  • Potato and Cauliflower

    Fresh cauliflower and potatoes cooked with fresh coriander, ginger and tomatoes.

    $ 11.95
  • Paneer Lazzwaab

    Homemade cheese cooked with green peppers, tomato, onions and spices.

    $ 12.95
  • Vegetable Shahi Korma

    Vegetables cooked with Indian spices in a cashew nut sauce.

    $ 11.95
  • Shahi Paneer

    Homemade cheese cooked in a butter sauce with Indian spices.

    $ 12.95
  • Kadhi Paneer

    Homemade cheese cooked with bell peppers, chopped onions and tomato gravy.

    $ 12.95
  • Add Chicken
    $ 3.50
  • Add Veggies
    $ 3.50
  • Add Beef
    $ 4.50
  • Add Lamb
    $ 4.50
  • Add Prawns
    $ 5.50

Mr. Tandoor

  • All tandoori items served with butter sauce.
  • Smokey Paneer Tikka

    Cottage cheese marinated with Indian spices and cooked in a clay oven with onions and bell peppers.

    $ 13.95
  • Lamb Seekh Kebab

    Marinated with homemade spices and herbs. Served with Bombay aloo.

    $ 15.95
  • Tandoori Chicken

    Marinated and cooked in a tandoori clay oven (1/2 chicken).

    $ 13.95
  • Chicken Tikka

    Boneless chicken breast marinated and cooked in a tandoor. Served with Bombay aloo.

    $ 14.95
  • Lamb Tikka

    Boneless cubes of tender lamb marinated and cooked in tandoor. Served with Bombay aloo.

    $ 15.95
  • Fish Tikka

    De-boned fish marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic and grilled over our charcoal clay oven. Served with Bombay aloo.

    $ 14.95
  • Tandoori Prawns

    Jumbo prawns marinated in tandoor. Served with Bombay aloo.

    $ 16.50
  • Mixed Grill

    Tandoori Chicken, tandoori prawns, lamb tikka, chicken tikka and fish tikka.

    $ 18.95

Indian Bread

  • All naan bread contains gluten.
  • Tandoori Naan

    Indian leavened bread baked on the inner wall of the tandoor.

    $ 1.95
  • Tandoori Roti

    Whole wheat bread.

    $ 1.95
  • Garlic Cilantro Naan

    A white leavened bread with garlic.

    $ 2.95
  • Makke Ki Roti

    Gluten free corn bread.

    $ 2.95
  • Stuffed Potato Naan

    Leavened bread stuffed delicately with spiced potatoes and peas.

    $ 3.95
  • Cheese Naan

    Cheese stuffed naan bread.

    $ 4.95
  • Coconut Naan

    Shredded coconut and raisins stuffed in a naan.

    $ 4.95
  • Chicken Stuffed Naan

    Tandoori minced chicken stuffed in naan.

    $ 4.95
  • Spinach Naan

    Cooked with mushroom and homemade cottage cheese.

    $ 4.95


  • Basmati Pulao

    Basmati rice cooked in onions with their own aromatic flavor.

    $ 2.95
  • Mushroom Rice

    Rice cooked with mushroom, chopped onions and tomato sauce.

    $ 5.95
  • Coconut Rice

    Rice cooked with dry sweet coconut, mustard seed and curry leaves.

    $ 4.95
  • Vegetable Biryani

    Basmati rice cooked with vegetables and Indian spices.

    $ 11.95
  • Lamb Biryani

    Lamb and basmati rice cooked with Indian spices.

    $ 14.95
  • Chicken Biryani

    Basmati rice cooked with chicken and Indian spices.

    $ 13.95
  • Prawn Biryani

    Basmati rice cooked with prawns and Indian spices.

    $ 15.95


  • Carrot Halwa

    Made from carrots, milk and nuts.

    $ 4.95
  • Moong dal Halwa

    Made with yellow lentils, milk and nuts.

    $ 5.95
  • Mango Ice Cream

    Sprinkled with pistachios.

    $ 4.95

Kid's Corner

  • Chicken Strips

    Chicken strips with fries.

    $ 7.50
  • Kid's Butter Chicken

    Half rice and half chicken.

    $ 8.95
  • Coconut Ice Cream

    Homemade ice cream.

    $ 4.95
  • Coconut Rice Pudding

    Indian style rice pudding blended with ground coconut.

    $ 4.95


  • Made by chcikpea flour and served with chutney.
  • Papadam

    Spicy and crispy lentil cracker.

    $ 2.95
  • Vegetable Pakora

    Delicately spiced fried vegetable fritters.

    $ 6.95
  • Vegetable Samosa (2 pieces)

    Two crispy pastries filled with potato and peas.

    $ 2.95
  • Tandoori Chicken Samosa

    Minced chicken cooked with onion, green peas, spices and then deep fried.

    $ 4.95
  • Paneer Pakora

    Cheese finger dipped in special spicy batter and deep fried.

    $ 8.50
  • Fish Pakora

    Fish fillet dipped in special batter and deep fried.

    $ 8.50
  • Chicken Pakora

    Chicken breast dipped in special batter and deep fried.

    $ 7.50
  • Mushroom Pakora

    Mushroom stuffed with curd cheese coated with chick pea flour and spices, then deep fried.

    $ 8.95
  • Onion Bhaji

    World famous onion bhaji marinated in chick pea flour and Indian spices.

    $ 8.95
  • Wings From Hell (8 pieces)

    Chicken wings tossed in spicy homemade sauce.

    $ 9.95
  • Zayka's Mixed Platter

    Chicken and vegetable samosa, chicken, fish and vegetable pakora.

    $ 12.95
  • Curried Mussels

    Fresh mussels sauteed in garlic curry sauce. Served with garlic naan.

    $ 12.95
  • Shrimp Pakora

    Jumbo shrimp dipped in chick pea flour and Indian spices.

    $ 12.95

Soups and Salads

  • Buddha Salad

    Fresh lettuce tossed with homemade dressing and homemade cheese.

    $ 5.95
  • Yogi Soup (Vegetarian)

    Lentils and rice cooked with spices.

    $ 5.95
  • Chicken Mulligatawny Soup

    Lentils cooked with chicken, spices and rice.

    $ 5.95


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