Why Build A Log Home? – News

Why Build A Log Home? – News

Now more than ever, a handcrafted log home is the smarter choice when it comes to climate change.

Log homes lessen the carbon footprint of the entire build because of their natural composites. Logs are meant to break down in a natural way, back into the earth, promoting growth of new trees. This is what makes a log home “naturally passive” as there is a minimal amount of pre-fabricated, man made materials.

This makes a handcrafted log home at the forefront of being climate change worthy with all of their beautiful naturally passive features. Log homes are more and more becoming the green choice for those who want to eliminate climate change. A log home with a solid foundation, high performing windows and doors and insulation create an R value that separates the normal build of the day from something that’s going to last a centuries.

Websites and grants have been created by the government to increase the building codes with Green building codes to be the priority. Websites like CleanBC, a Government and BC Hydro partnership that sets out new building codes and builder expectations in moving forward.

Log homes can now be designed to be self sufficient by including solar panels on the roof, rain water catching, EV chargers which allow individuals or families to live completely off grid. These features can be incorporated into your log home design And Can be easily maintained

The beauty and the longevity the Western Red Cedar logs provide cannot be out performed by any prefabricated structures. Government  grants for new energy efficient buildings are available throughout North America, and can be easily applied for by visiting these sites.


BC Government

Infrastructure Canada

US Government Grants

US Rural Development

western-redcedar-forestCascade handcrafted has built many log home designs, and can incorporate your energy efficiency plans where needed.  A log home is the smart choice, and given that a single log home can last more than a century, it gives our forests time to grow back before another build or repair may be required.

Log homes built with Western red Cedar are also bug and rot resistant. This is a huge benefit when it comes to maintenance. While the handcrafted log home is visually pleasing, it also gives off a fresh, clean natural aroma, and is naturally energy efficient.



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