Western Red-cedar Log Flares – News

Western Red-cedar Log Flares – News

When you are building a log home, one major decision is what type of logs to use. If you want your log home to have a uniqueness with a natural, cozy log look, then  Western Red-cedar is the type of log you’d choose.

This beautiful timber is grown in the Pacific Northwest, on the coast of British Columbia and top end of Washington state. The benefits of Western Red-cedar far outweigh any other timber with their natural resistance to rot and insects.

The log flares naturally grown on these logs are from the trunk spreading out at the base.  Western Red-cedar roots usually are deeper than the roots of western hemlock but shallower than the roots of western larch, western white pine, grand fir, and Douglas-fir.

You can see from the different log pictures, these log flares will create a beautiful work of art with a unique charm that will last for centuries.

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