Types of Window Opening Control Devices

Types of Window Opening Control Devices

The Types of Window Opening Control Devices

Window Opening Control Devices (WOCDs) are specialized window hardware that can be installed on operable windows that are designated as emergency escape and rescue openings and comply with local reguations, as long as they don’t intrude on the opening area dimensions specified by the code.

Single-action and dual-action WOCDs are the two varieties of WOCDs. regulations set out for the products specify the requirements for window fall prevention devices. The release of WOCDs can be accomplished using either two independent single-action devices mounted on a single window or one dual-action device installed on a single window.

A lever that can be flipped in, for example, is a single-action device, and two such devices can be mounted on the same window. To release the WOCD, a dual-action device requires two unique, distinct, and sequential motions. For example, pressing one button and sliding across a lever while holding that button pressed.

The installation of a WOCD on a window must be done correctly. WOCDs may be factory fitted on windows, or they may be offered as a field kit or as an aftermarket device. It’s also crucial to install the WOCD such that the sash stops at a less than 4-inch opening and meets the other requirements.

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