The Old Trapper Cabins of BC

The Old Trapper Cabins of BC

The Old Trapper Cabins of British Columbia

Images courtesy of Karen Rose Photography

All throughout British Columbia you can see the remains of log cabins that were built in the mid 1800’s. As you can see, the logs are still in tact, with a bit of TLC and a new roof they could still be used as a trapper cabin.

A trapper cabin is most known for the fur trade, a trap-line is a route along which a trapper sets traps. The cabins are a cultural icon of fur regions, and later used for some Gold miners who were in need of a place to rest over night. These cabins were scattered all throughout different regions of forested mountain areas of BC to provide shelter to those in need and some of them are still in use today!

Hopefully our Covid restrictions will be lifted very soon and you’ll be able to visit all of BC, exploring all the abandoned trapper cabins and gorgeous scenery!

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