The Benefits of Building an Energy Efficient Home

The Benefits of Building an Energy Efficient Home

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The Benefits of Building an Energy Efficient Home

Buildings built to higher energy-efficiency standards provide multiple benefits to those who live within them and to the community-at-large. A home built with high insulation levels, air-tight construction, high-quality windows, and more efficient mechanical systems are often preferred as they:

Improve comfort, by better managing temperature: high insulation levels and air-tight construction and appropriate ventilation controls the air from entering or exiting the home, maintaining warm temperatures in the winter, and cool temperatures in the summer.

Improve health, by better managing fresh air throughout the building: building a new home with an HRV provides ample fresh air even when the windows are closed, filtering and pre-warming incoming air for better health and exchanging heat to save energy.

Reduce noise: high levels of insulation, air-tightness, and high-efficiency windows can reduce unwanted outdoor noise. This is especially beneficial for homes built in busy or noisy areas or for individuals who enjoy peace and quiet.

Require less energy: high-efficiency heating equipment, paired with an efficient building envelope, requires less energy to heat and cool a home, which reduces the ongoing monthly and annual operating costs of the home.

Have lower greenhouse gas emissions: buildings are a significant source of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in Canada. Building a home to high energy efficiency standards reduces the amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere and reduces your personal household environmental footprint.

Are more durable: energy efficient homes are constructed with an enhanced focus on the building envelope with better design and construction practices, which generally enhances the quality of the home.

For more information see BC Housing’s guide Consumer Guide to High Performance Homes.

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