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Summer Sturgeon Fishing | Cascade Fishing Adventures

Summer Sturgeon Fishing | Cascade Fishing Adventures

We hope everyone is enjoying the great summer weather we are experiencing in the Fraser Valley of late.

Sturgeon fishing has been very good at times but we’ve also endured some difficult stretches on the river.  However, despite the numbers of fish caught not being what we are used to in past years, the overall average size of the fish has been outstanding.  This year, the Fraser river has produced some quality sturgeon angling that sets a very high bar.

For one angler in particular, the Fraser provided a moment that cannot be forgotten.  Martin, from England, is regular visitor to the Fraser river and he finally managed to land that elusive 10 footer with Clayton as his guide.  Martin’s fish was 10’1″ long, weighed over 500 pounds and was in perfect condition – a great sign of healthy sturgeon in the Fraser.  Martin has tangled many times with fish of this size but has never been lucky enough to land one.


Martin and Clayton with every sturgeon angler’s dream fish – a 10 footer!

Fraser river levels are currently 15% below average historic flows with water temperatures reaching 21 degrees Celcius which is 2 degrees warmer than the historical average.  Water clarity has been inconsistent this summer with “pulses” of increased turbidity flowing through the valley coinciding with slight jumps in water discharges.  On more than one occasion we would leave the boat launch and notice how clean the water was, only to drive a few miles and watch the “mud” moving in.  At times this would last only a few hours, on other, a few days.  Heavy rain in the interior of BC is most likely the cause of these variable water conditions and levels.

Chinook salmon season opened on August 1st, but closed on August 11 to avoid the interception of sockeye salmon which are returning in very low numbers.   It is unknown at this time when the chinook fishery will re-open but I would hope that chinook salmon will open once the majority of the summer run sockeye have moved through our area of the Fraser river.  A question I ask myself is “if everybody was bar-fishing with spinning glows, would we still be open?”

We look forward to the late summer chinook bar fishery re-opening,  and more excellent sturgeon fishing.  September can be a fantastic month for fishing, and after that comes October with all the salmon/sturgeon combination fisheries that we enjoy!


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