State of Climate Policy in B.C.

State of Climate Policy in B.C.

B.C. has a significant opportunity to build out the clean economy, to grow clean jobs, and to be a global leader on climate action.

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State of Climate Policy in B.C. 

In B.C., we emit 64.5 million tonnes (Mt) of carbon pollution each year. B.C. has legislated requirements to reduce carbon emissions to 39 million tonnes by 2030 (40% of 2007 levels) and 13 million tonnes by 2050 (80% of 2007 levels) (Figure 1).While B.C. is fortunate to have large hydroelectricity capacity, we still rely heavily on fossil fuels to meet the majority of our energy needs (e.g. gasoline and diesel for transportation, natural gas for heating homes and buildings).

CleanBC: a climate, energy, and economic strategy In December 2018, the province introduced a new climate plan, CleanBC, that builds on a decade of climate action experience in B.C. CleanBC aims to achieve emissions reductions across all sectors, transition from fossil fuels to more clean energy, create clean jobs, and grow the economy. The policies and programs described in CleanBC are expected to achieve 75% of B.C.’s 2030 emissions reduction target (equivalent to 18.9 million tonnes of reductions). Many of the policies in CleanBC are among the most ambitious in Canada/North America. Additional reduction measures are required to address the remaining 25% gap in order to meet the province’s full climate commitment.

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