Rustic log home ready for Fall – News

Rustic log home ready for Fall – News

Getting your log home ready for Fall!

Deep in the woods, or on top of the mountain a log home is the best place for rustic decor with the umber tones of Autumn.

After the hot, humid days of summer, we all look forward to the cool fall evenings. Autumn is the time we get crafty with beautiful rustic decor.

A visit to the local antique shop brims your mind with ideas. The first contact point to decorate is always the entry way. The deck has to stand out, with all the oranges and reds of this rustic time of year. A full wreath of grapevines decorated with nutshells and dried apples all adds to the ambience of Fall.

The subtle fragrance of the cedar logs accompanied with clove dipped pine cones creates a warm entrance for guests. They’ll never want to leave!

The second contact point is the fireplace. Gorgeous orange and red maple leaf garland accentuated with maize and tall pillar candles of all sizes are a welcomed treat to your eyes! Everything is unique when it comes to rustic decor. Bring in the plaid pillows to get your living room furniture ready for the season!

Autumn in a Western red cedar log home is one of the most beautiful experiences one can imagine. Cool nights by the outdoor fire pit, cozy blankets and the aroma of hot cocoa. All that’s missing is the guitar for the sing along.

Create a full centrepiece on your dining table stretching down the length of the table, let your guests know it is Fall and it is time to embrace all the splendour it brings.

So there you have it, the recipe for a brilliant Autumn rustic log home!

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