Rebuilding a Stronger, Better, Energy Efficient Canada.- Westeck News

Rebuilding a Stronger, Better, Energy Efficient Canada.- Westeck News

*Courtesy of Pembina Institute

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the interconnectedness and fragility of our healthcare and economic systems, bringing a new awareness to the essential services we depend on for medical support, food and fuel, as well as to the social interactions we thrive on. In this crisis, the primary need is to protect Canadians’ health and livelihoods, and we applaud the ongoing response from all levels of government, and front line workers to keep Canadians safe.

Next, whenever that may be, is the rebuilding stage. Not just rebuilding the economy, but a complete retrofit and establishment of building codes that support the needs to combat climate change. This is the moment to create a roadmap for a society that is more resilient to these macro shocks – whether they are brought about by a pandemic or climate change. Globally, we’re seeing inspiring responses to the pandemic. Bold action from the New Zealand government is showing us how it can be done, with recovery efforts being tied to growing green jobs, with manufacturers creating greener, more energy efficient products.

Here at home, governments are still responding to the immediate crisis, but they are also starting to do the necessary thinking about how we will rebuild Canada’s economy when we finally manage to flatten the curve. Civil society and Canadian companies across sectors are voicing the need for a resilient recovery. The funding to sustain jobs in the energy sector while cleaning up the environment and reducing GHG emissions and the Large Employer Emergency Financing Facility (LEEFF) program are two recent announcements that signal the federal government’s intention to meet the moment and rebuild a stronger, better, energy efficient Canada.

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