Missouri Log Home Project – News

Missouri Log Home Project – News

We created this build for a great client in Missouri, USA. This western red cedar log structure is 2 floors with solid log walls, and we built 2 separate floors at the log yard that would fit onto each other at the log home location. The stunning design was created by RCM Cad Design Ltd.

The foundation of the log home was concrete and included a basement, on the side of a slight hill.

Once the log home was all loaded onto the truck, after a 2250 mile drive, 2 Countries and 6 US States, the log structure was home.

The logs are then unloaded and set in place on the foundation, and the pre-cut, handcrafted joints and scribes are put into place like building blocks.

As you can see, the Missouri log home project is really taking shape. The decking and roof is on and it’s really looking like home.

The western red cedar logs are extremely energy efficient, naturally bug and rot resistant, and give off a beautiful cedar aroma.

Images courtesy of Carpenter Farms

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