Maintenance of Your Log Home

Maintenance of Your Log Home

Design and maintenance have a large bearing on how well certain woods perform in extreme weather exposures. Western red cedar does well in all settings. It is more stable and has a natural oil content that helps to preserve it. Douglas fir is the strongest so we like to use it for hard working structural elements such as floor and roof beams, although a larger diameter log in western red cedar will do the job.

Properly caring for and maintaining your log structure will not only extend the life of your home, but create an energy efficient, healthy, and carefree living space.

Today we have answers from Jenkins Painting, llc in Idaho, a highly skilled certified professional with extensive knowledge and experience in log home maintenance and failed wood coatings.

Here are a few questions we asked Jenkins Painting on how to keep your log home beautiful for centuries.


Q: If you were building a Western red cedar or Douglas Fir log home and wanted to keep the logs as natural looking as possible, what would you suggest?
A: We would recommend either a semi-transparent wood coating like PPG® Proluxe® Maintenance re™ a clear wood finish, it is a clear non-pigmented coating with added ultraviolet protection or Sashco® Cascade® it’s also a non-pigmented coating with great Uv protection added.
*Every wood coating application of logs etc. is different, there are some schools of thought that say that a semi-transparent alkyd wood coatings are film forming stain and finish up with too much of a build. I try to evaluate – make sure that the wood is fully prepared and ready to except the coatings.


Q: How Log will the treatment last until you need to do it again?
A: I can only speak for us, we warranty all coatings for 24 months – usually after the first year or so you get a feel of how the sun etc. is going to affect the different elevations, and sometimes you will need to apply a maintenance coat after a couple of years.


Q: How would you clean your log home in the interim?
A: Cleaning your logs would usually require a light/low pressure wash, using a soft bristled brush to agitate any dirt or pollen on the surface.


Q: When you treat the flair end of the log where the rings are, does the wood suck up all the treatment and do you need to do more?
A: We would apply by brush, a single coating of the above-mentioned treatments to the log ends and let it fully cure.


With good design and proper maintenance, a well-built log home will serve for centuries. For more information on the removal of failed wood coatings, stain and the application of high-performance wood coatings on log homes contact Jenkins Painting, llc in Idaho by Clicking Here:

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