Log Home Kitchen Designs| Cascade Handcrafted Log Homes

Log Home Kitchen Designs| Cascade Handcrafted Log Homes

Log Home Kitchens

Log homes and log cabins are all about the cozy factor. If you own or have ever rented a log cabin or home, you know the visit is about eating, relaxing by either the fire place, or outside by the fire pit and game nights! Days are usually spent on the lake or river, fishing and outdoor activities that offer an abundance of fresh air and exercise.

Usually when you enter a log cabin you are greeted by a rustic kitchen. It has all the necessities like cupboards and running water, fridge and stove – not many have dishwashers or microwaves!

Here’s a few design styles of kitchens in log homes and cabins we’ve built in the past.


Rustic Log Home Kitchen

rustic log home kitchen design

This rustic log home kitchen design boasts an antique wood stove (that also heats water) with a nice big dining table, a tiled counter top and wood storage for the fire stove.

Candles are everywhere to ensure good lighting at night and a candle chandelier over the table for maximum light for, yes games!


Modern Log Home Kitchen Design

modern log home kitchen design

This stunning modern log home kitchen has all of the bells and whistles. This is not a vacation home but a primary residence year round.
It offers all the appliances you’d find in a modern home kitchen along with the beauty and cozy feel of the log structure complimented by the natural beauty of granite counter-tops.


Semi Rustic & Regal Log Cabin Kitchen Design

Rustic and Regal Log Cabin Kitchen

This beautiful log cabin nestled on a lake offers a cozy kitchen area with a rustic look and feel with a fridge and gen air stove for a grand breakfast cook-up!

The gorgeous granite counter tops complimented with the ornate brackets offer a sense of luxury while maintaining that cozy factor.


Minimalist Log Cabin Kitchen Design

Minimalist Log Cabin Kitchen Design

This beautifully exposed log kitchen station is designed to use minimal space.

With it’s organized layout, all the cooking and cleaning and kitchen storage is perfect for a cozy cabin plan.


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