Living Off-Grid In A Log Home – News

Living Off-Grid In A Log Home – News

Living off-grid in a log home.

Many people are choosing to live off grid. Selling their existing in-town home and moving to remote areas that are bountiful in forests, clean air, clean water and most of all, serenity.

A handcrafted log home with full log walls is a “naturally passive” or environmentally friendly choice as the logs are a truly sustainable building with a low carbon footprint. A log home can last centuries, giving the forests more then enough time to fully replenish. Logs also break down naturally back into the ground whereas prefabricated materials can take much longer, or may not even break down.

Living off grid in a log home offers an energy efficient way of living. A natural warmth in the winter, and cool in the summer due to the size of the logs and the natural insulation.

Solar panels can be installed on the roof to provide a power source along with rain catchers and filtration units for water reservoirs.

Off-grid living can be so rewarding and give a certain “reset” to one’s life. Growing your own fruit and veggies, hunting and fishing is an internal instinct that we all know. Choosing a property that is lakeside or riverside is an added bonus with all of the recreational and natural offerings.

Cascade Handcrafted Log Homes can be customized to suit all of your requirements, whether it be off-grid needing your own power and water source or in a rural area with all of the amenities.

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