Life of Western Red Cedar – News

Life of Western Red Cedar – News

Western Red Cedar is lightweight and extremely durable. It will maintain its original dimensions when subjected to weather fluctuations and resists twisting or warping. Western red cedar can be left without finish or paint.  However, the durability is enhanced by regular applications of sealant to retain its color and stability.

Since Cedar wood is pitch and resin free, it’s easy to finish if you choose to do so. This method will hold a wide range of colors. Western Red Cedar has an extremely high thermal coefficient. Outperforming all other softwoods as well as concrete, steel and bricks in terms of thermal insulation and attenuation. This means it will keep interiors warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. The cellular structure of Western Red Cedar helps it absorb and dissipate sound, making it effective at confining noise.

Western Red Cedar looks better than any plastic or resin. It is also a non-toxic alternative to chemically treated, or pressure treated, wood which is soaked in chemical preservatives and require warning labels for handling. Cedar comes in a wide range of dimensions, textures and grades. So no matter what your desired effect is, Western Red Cedar is the go-to choice.

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