FVRD Installs Solar Panels | Westeck Windows and Doors

FVRD Installs Solar Panels | Westeck Windows and Doors

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With a generating capacity of 23 kilowatts, the rooftop solar array features 66 solar panels with room for future expansion. The solar array will convert the sun’s energy into clean electricity, providing the building with a free renewable energy source.

“The opportunity to demonstrate leadership by increasing our renewable energy supply fits the FVRD’s vision to support healthy communities and environmental stewardship,” said FVRD Board Chair Jason Lum. “It is my hope that this project will inspire future investment in renewables across the region, and I want to give credit to our staff and all of our partners on this project for making it a reality.”

The Regional District received a $25,000 grant from Solar Now to help fund the project. Solar Now is a partnership between Clean Energy Canada, the Community Energy Association, and the North Growth Foundation with a mission to expand the solar energy movement in B.C.

“With each installation, Solar Now aims to demonstrate how communities can produce their own power while helping fight climate change by generating clean, renewable electricity from the sun,” said Solar Now Project Director Bill Swan.

The panels are mounted on the roof facing south. The inverters keep track of how much energy the solar panels produce. To date, the solar panels have produced 13.74 MWh of electricity, generating enough energy to power the building’s server room for three months. A typical Canadian household uses approximately seven to 11 MWh per year.

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