Customer Testimonial Spotlight | Westeck Windows and Doors

Customer Testimonial Spotlight | Westeck Windows and Doors

At Westeck, we are very proud of our high performing products and our quality of customer service.  We are always delighted when our customers take the time to let us know that we’ve gone above and beyond and exceeded their expectations.

Below is a testimonial from a  happy customer who recently passed their Final Occupancy inspection and moved into their new home.


“Hello to everybody who helped build our house during the last 9 months.

We just passed the Final and Occupancy inspections today – without any issues, the inspector congratulated me on a “house well done”.

If you were only involved in the early stages, here are some pictures highlighting the whole building process.

Westeck Customer Testimonial

Westeck Customer Testimonial - Energy Advisor


A big recent surprise for me was the result of our Air Tightness (blower door) and Energy Efficiency certification test: We got certified to Step 5 of the BC Energy Step Code – that’s the highest official “blessing” you can get in BC for energy efficient homes!

This step corresponds to energy savings of 80% over a “standard” building code compliant home with Step 1. I was targeting Step 3 as a minimum goal, and was hoping for Step 4. But due to the amazing detail orientation of all trades involved into any part of the building envelope we got an amazing air tightness of 0.98 Air Changes per hour (the very experienced Energy Advisor who did the blower door test has only seen 2 other houses in his whole career achieving a value under 1.0).

In addition to a “fuzzy feeling for us”, this gets rewarded with $1250 from the municipality, which covers at least the cost of the Energy Advisor.

In addition to these technical aspects we are also very pleased about the “look-and-feel” of the exterior and interior of the house, how everything came together and looks amazing.

Thanks again for all your great work on this construction project.”

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