Custom Log Homes – News

Custom Log Homes – News

Custom Log Homes by Cascade Handcrafted Log & Timber Frame Homes

At Cascade Handcrafted, we offer Custom Log Homes by working with our clients to develop a floor plan from an idea and drawing. It may mean moving a bathroom or staircase, or moving the entire structure to get the best view.

A great example of a project going from an idea, then to the design stage, and then being built at our log yard is the “Shuswap” custom log home design.

The customer brought forth an idea of what they had in mind for their dream log home. Along with the designer they were able to come to the finalized CAD drawings. These designs are then put forth to the engineer.  Once the plan has been “Stamped“ by the engineer, it is ready to be inspected by the district for approval. Once it’s all been approved, then the building starts at the Cascade log yard.

Shuswap Custom Log Home

Going from design to building at the log yard.

The logs are Canadian Western Red Cedar, constructed with a Diamond Notch and staggered root flare design.

The Auto CAD renders include both the finished and the log package that is built by Cascade. As you can see, the renders of the log package and the actual build is almost exactly the same.

Custom log home rendersCustom log home rendersShuswap custom floor planShuswap custom floor plan

Here’s a fly-over of the project as it’s being built at the Cascade Handcrafted log yard.


Here are a few pictures of the reassembly of a custom designed log home at the client’s location in beautiful Sorrento, BC.


Once the log structure is in place on the foundation, the client has their builder come in and finish off the design to their desire. This would include electrical, plumbing, flooring, roofing, cabinetry and all the interior design.

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