Covid19 And Where People Choose To Live

Covid19 And Where People Choose To Live

The Impact Of Covid19 On Where People Choose To Live

This year has been different, to say the least. Covid 19 has not only affected how people are living, but also where people choose to live. There’s been an incline on home owners living in the city, selling and moving to a more rural or even remote areas. Selling a house in the city is financially allowing for people to build their dream log home on a larger piece of real estate, giving them the opportunity to social distance, naturally.

Home owners with children are noting that it was important to them that their children are able to go outside, without a mask and just play in the yard. Or for a quick trip to a coffee shop or store that now requires gearing up with masks, hand sanitizers and a strong consideration of how close you are to a stranger. As simple as it sounds, Covid has taken these small things we take for granted and brought them to a temporary halt.

No one really knew at the beginning of the year, the extent to which the virus would affect everything. From businesses, the mental health, schooling and events. Feeling cooped up at home drives people to find their own resolution to their living conditions.

At Cascade we work with you to design a custom log home or cabin that will suit all of your requirements on your piece of property. We can customize and build your desired log or timber frame home at our log-yard, and then ship it to your property and reassemble it.

Cascade Handcrafted Log Homes are known throughout the world for their quality Western Red cedar and Douglas Fir log and timber homes!

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