Choosing A Window Frame | Westeck Windows and Doors

Choosing A Window Frame | Westeck Windows and Doors

Today, energy-conscious homeowners want to minimize the cost of heating and cooling their homes, and choosing the right windows is a crucial step.
The key to choosing energy-efficient replacement windows is to determine which upgrades will add the most value without affecting your budget.


When choosing energy efficient windows, four main parts of the window design come into play: frame, glass, design, and installation.

Today, we’ll address the importance of the Frame.

Wood is less prone to heat and cold transfer than aluminum, since metals conduct heat more readily than wood. But that doesn’t mean wood is always the best choice for budget-friendly windows.

Vinyl offers the most practical budget-friendly option while still offering excellent energy efficiency measures such as insulated glass and tight construction that reduces air leakage.

Aluminum windows are ideal in humid, rainy climates, and their strength makes them acceptable for areas at risk from hurricanes.

Wood-clad windows combine the best of both worlds: a low-maintenance exterior (usually vinyl or aluminum) encasing a temperature-transfer-resistant interior.


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