CHBABC Energy Advisors & Builder Members – News

CHBABC Energy Advisors & Builder Members – News

CHBABC Brings Energy Advisors and Builder Members Closer Together

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January 29th, 2020 – Canadian Home Builders’ Association of British Columbia is pleased to announce that as of the New Year, all licensed Energy Advisors through the association are now members.

CHBA BC is a leading service organization licensed by Natural Resources Canada, as well as a member-driven association in the residential construction industry, responsible for training and licensing Energy Advisors for over 15 years.

CHBA members value collaboration among fellow members and have come to trust the member-to-member relationship. CHBA BC encourages strong relationships between Builder Members and registered Energy Advisors, proactively furthering these relationships by joining all CHBA BC registered energy advisors into the fold of the association.

An Energy Advisor is trained to provide builders, renovators and homeowners guidance and direction on ways one can improve and measure the energy efficiency of a home.
There are many labelling programs such as the EnerGuide* Rating System, ENERGY STAR®, BUILT GREEN®, R-2000* and the Net Zero Home Labelling Program.
An Energy Advisor is licensed to deliver the above programs and provide an overview of which program may be the best fit for the project needs.

  • An Energy Advisor will:
    Provide an evaluation of the home based on plans prior to construction.
  • Provide details as to the best materials to maximize air quality and energy efficiency.
  • Use tools and perform testing to ensure that the building envelope is performing at its best.
  • Offer suggestions to improve the energy usage of the home with or without mechanical systems.
  • Bring third-party verification and inspection to the project using the EnerGuide Rating System.
  • Provide further details of labelling programs that may be the best fit for the project.
  • Test the home at completion, create a final report and provide documentation for an EnerGuide* label.

Membership with CHBA will also add a layer of trust for builders stepping into the world of energy-efficient building for the first time. In addition, membership ensures that the same code of conduct is in place for both builders and energy advisors.

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