Building A Handcrafted Log Home

Building A Handcrafted Log Home

When a customer chooses a floor plan and makes any customization to the design, the craftsmen at Cascade Handcrafted have to choose just the right logs or timbers that are going to be used on the project. A customer might choose the floor plan to be built with diamond-notch flares. The craftsman then has to source the logs that will fit into the walls to produce this stunning feature.

There is no gyprock or plasterboard in a handcrafted log home, so when it comes to preparing for the electrical components, it is necessary to hollow out the squares where the switches & outlet boxes will be placed. It may also be necessary to bore a hole through the log wall to feed an electrical wire through to hide it, depending on the design. All this has to be determined while building the handcrafted log home.

There are many more complexities depending on the design, structure type and all that has to be taken into consideration when building a handcrafted log home.

Once completed, you have a beautiful log home that is highly energy efficient, and will be in the family for centuries.

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