All about Post and Beam Log Homes

All about Post and Beam Log Homes

Post and Beam log homes are a popular building type that uses a number of vertical “posts” that support the roof’s weight via horizontal “beams.” The remaining walls are built with skillfully handcrafted logs that fit together once the house’s frame is in place. Post and beam buildings can use fewer logs and is hence less expensive than full scribe building. Typically, interior beams are left exposed for the beauty of the natural wood to create a cozy living space.

So for example a‘Post and Beam’ home use vertical logs (posts) to support load-bearing horizontal logs (beams). This is similar in idea to a kitchen table, except on a more complex scale. This creates a robust frame for a home of beautiful exposed logs, leaving many options open for the exterior walls. You can even have a “feature log” as one of the post logs, this could be a log with unique colors or natural designs that really stand out.

Post and Beam homes feature logs with their natural round shape and character intact except where they join the floor and ceiling joists and rafters.

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