A Resilient Economy And Safe Climate

A Resilient Economy And Safe Climate

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A resilient economy and safe climate: Our vision for B.C.

B.C. needs a plan to achieve net-zero by 2050

Protecting the health of British Columbians, building a resilient economy, and taking strong action on climate change are different pieces of the same puzzle. As B.C. and the world continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, governments are increasingly looking to put the clean economy and job growth at the centre of recovery efforts.

A big threat to B.C.’s economic prospects is stalling — or worse, going backwards — where important gains have been made on climate action and clean growth. B.C.’s leadership on this front is one of our crowning achievements. The climate plan currently in place lays out a vision for a prosperous, clean economy and a plan to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy and dramatically reduce our climate pollution. Following through on this plan will help position the economy to withstand future global disruptions. If we get the recovery right, we can create jobs and economic activity in the short term and set B.C. up for long-term success in the de-carbonizing global marketplace.

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