A Pledge For A Low-Carbon, Compettitive Economy

A Pledge For A Low-Carbon, Compettitive Economy

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A pledge for a low-carbon, competitive economy.


The time is now to invest in a healthier, more resilient future that leaves no one behind.

The pandemic has made it plainly clear that our health, economy and environment are intricately linked. The Throne Speech included the following on “Building back better – a resiliency agenda for the middle class”.

  “As we fight for every Canadian and defend everyone’s ability to succeed, we also need to focus on the future, and on building back better. This forms the third foundation of the Government’s approach.  Around the world, advanced economies are realizing that things should not go back to business as usual. COVID-19 has exposed the vulnerabilities in our societies. The Government will create a resiliency agenda for the middle class and people working hard to join it.  This will include addressing the gaps in our social systems, investing in health care, and creating jobs. It will also include fighting climate change, and maintaining a commitment to fiscal sustainability and economic growth as the foundation of a strong and vibrant society.”


“Governments across the globe will spend billions of dollars to rebuild their economies; the time is now to invest in a healthier, more resilient future that leaves no one behind.”


We commend the efforts of the Canadian government to provide relief to Canadians through these difficult times. This must remain the nation’s top priority. We also commend the government’s efforts to align recovery efforts to date with climate objectives and for standing strong on pillars of the climate plan like carbon pricing and the clean fuel standard.

In this they aren’t alone. Over the past few months an unprecedented level of broadly-based support has emerged across diverse groups, including business, the financial sector, the environmental sector, labour, and local communities for public investment in a green recovery as a strategy for creating more resilient jobs, communities, and economic opportunities. There are promising indications our government will build on its early first steps and provide clarity of direction for investors here and abroad.

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