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FISHING IN CHILLIWACK – Tourism Chilliwack

FISHING IN CHILLIWACK – Tourism Chilliwack

Chilliwack’s super, natural rivers and lakes never disappoint and are the perfect place to take a moment to enjoy the scenic mountain views, while casting a line! The lakes and rivers are abundant with life from the massive white sturgeon to salmon and trout. Want to learn more? We’ve laid out the basic ins and outs of fishing in Chilliwack.


The first step to getting out to fish is obtaining the proper license. There are different types, depending on the region, who will be fishing, residency, and other factors. Find information on purchasing for your fishing license here.

Preparedness is key, both in terms of gear and water safety planning. Know before you go! For safety and gear information, the following are great resources:

Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC

Discover Boating

What, When & Where

Knowing which species are in season, when, and where to find them are some of the beginning steps to fishing.  We’ve put together a general guide for you.

Be sure to check the Department of Fisheries and Oceans for the latest closures and restrictions (such as limits and non-retention) in your area, as they’re subject to change at any time.

Black CrappieWinterChilliwack Lake
Brook TroutWinter + SpringLindeman Lake
Bull TroutWinter + SpringFraser River
Chinook SalmonLate Summer + Early FallVedder/Chilliwack River; Cultus Lake; Fraser River
Chum SalmonFallVedder/Chilliwack River; Cultus Lake; Fraser River
Coastal Cutthroat TroutSpringChilliwack Lake; Chilliwack/Vedder River; Cultus Lake; Flora Lake; Fraser River; Lindeman Lake
Coho SalmonLate Summer + FallChilliwack Lake; Vedder/Chilliwack River; Cultus Lake
Dolly VardenLate Summer + FallChilliwack Lake; Vedder/Chilliwack River; Cultus Lake
KokaneeSpring + Summer + FallChilliwack Lake; Vedder/Chilliwack River
Lake TroutSpring + Summer + FallFraser River
Mountain WhitefishWinter + SpringChilliwack Lake
Northern PikeminnowSpringChilliwack Lake; Cultus Lake
Pink SalmonLate SummerVedder/Chilliwack River; Fraser River
Rainbow TroutFall + WinterChilliwack Lake; Vedder/Chilliwack River; Cultus Lake; Flora Lake; Fraser River; Lindeman Lake; Pierce Lake
Sockeye SalmonLate SummerVedder/Chilliwack River; Cultus Lake; Fraser River
SteelheadWinter + Spring + SummerVedder/Chilliwack River; Cultus Lake; Fraser River
White SturgeonSpring + Summer + FallFraser River

Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River

Have you ever wanted to hold a prehistoric fish in your hands? Sturgeon fishing gives you the chance of a lifetime to do so. Sturgeon can live to be over 100 years old, and over three metres in length! Use a guide to ensure proper technique is used and have a greater chance at a catch! These beautiful creatures still need to be handled with care and are to be kept in the water as much as possible.

Sturgeon Fishing Guidelines

Guided Fishing and Tackle Shops

There are many benefits to taking a guided fishing tour. The pros are much more likely to get you a fish, and you can relax knowing everything is taken care of. You don’t usually need to bring anything (depending on the type of fishing), and you can better enjoy the experience. Here is a list of a few of the guiding companies in the area, along with a couple of tackle shops:

Great River Fishing Adventures

Bent Rods Guiding & Fishing Co.

Cascade Fishing Adventures

Chilliwack Dart & Tackle Shop

Fred’s Custom Tackle

Len’s Sportfishing Adventures

Mainlanders Sportfishing

Sturgeon Hunter

BC Sportfishing Group

Fun for families and individuals alike, fishing is a fantastic year-round activity! Find more information on fishing in Chilliwack here.

And as always, don’t forget to #ShareChilliwack on social media to share you adventures with us!

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