Thermally Efficient PVC

Thermally Efficient PVC

The custom home architectural design trend continues to move towards more modern and contemporary styles. This has challenged the fenestration community to innovate designs that fulfill the demands of large, floor to ceiling openings while not sacrificing durability and performance.

Today’s consumer wants to maximize their living space and connect with their surroundings by creating large openings that maximize indoor/outdoor living. This has been a challenge for PVC Manufacturers. Although a strong thermal performer, PVC does have its structural limitations.

Euro HD Mullion View 1

Euro HD Mullion View 2

Until now, the majority of these very large systems are fabricated using commercial aluminum. These systems, although structurally sound are typically very inefficient in thermal performance. This leads to higher energy costs, cold spots, drafts, and condensation. Westeck has developed a system to allow the use of thermally efficient PVC extrusions, anchored to an interior framework that allows for very large designs and minimal sightlines. This design lends itself perfectly to the modern designed house, while not sacrificing thermal performance.

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