The Evolution of the Office Environment

The Evolution of the Office Environment

Over the past 5 decades, the office environment has been through a numerous amount of changes with the introduction of new office furniture designs prompted by the growth of technology.

Thus, creating The Evolution of the Office Environment to meet the fast changing pace and demands such as functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics.

Lets take a look at what Offices were like in the 50′s, 60′s and 70′s.
Office Environment - 1950sOffice Environment - 1960sOffice Environment - 1950s

The Office Environment throughout the 50s to the 70s – workplace layouts were based on organizational hierarchy. Imagine looking at a flow chart of a company with the Boss or CEO at the top, then Senior Management below, Team leads next and the entry level staff below that.

This was the methodology used in creating a floor plan that worked more for communication via conversation, prior to the introduction of technology that allowed for in house messaging apps.

The biggest development throughout the 80s was the birth of the internet. More so for employees in the 90s. The focus was to increase internet access and not have hundreds or perhaps thousands of cables running on the floors or ceiling. Making the cables hidden was an option office furniture manufacturers had to take into consideration.

Adjoined cubicles was a great solution by providing internet behind the panels through a main line. Furniture manufacturers and company owners were focusing on creating an interior office design that flowed with the company’s requirements.

In the 80′s.
Office Environment - 1980sOffice Environment - 1990s

Office Environment - 2000sSince the introduction of Wifi, Office designers have opened up the office space to allow for communication and productivity.
Big bulky computers are no longer a necessity and have been replaced with mobile devices and more streamlined technology. Stunning Office Environments that focus on a healthy, functional plan are the key to success in the workplace!

Office Environment - Today
A beautiful open work space by Teknion.

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