STOP the SEO Insanity!

STOP the SEO Insanity!

SEO InsanityToday, more than ever, there is a huge amount of spam by both phone and email from so-called SEO companies proclaiming to ‘get you to the top of Google’. Let’s STOP the SEO insanity and the mass confusion. If you want to find out if an SEO company is worth their weight in salt, here’s what you ask them:

1. “You say you can get me to ‘the top of Google’– is that in the organic listings, or the sponsored-ad section?” If they say, “the sponsored-ad section, or pay-per-click section, or anything to do with ‘Adwords’, then they are NOT going to provide your website SEO, they are selling pay-per-click advertising. Your business will only be at the top of page #1, for as long as you pay for it to be there; plus paying for them to manage your campaigns.

2. Now this question is VERY important if you are targeting certain areas of a city, or province, etc. “Do you currently provide SEO to any of my competitors?” If you are talking to someone overseas, there is NO way they could answer this quickly without checking their hundreds, perhaps thousands of people they have confused into using their service. They would need to analyze in a spread sheet, the geographically specified area; the key vertical or product service and check to see if there are any competitors within a 100 mile radius. So if they answer with a ‘NO’ right away, it’s highly doubtful they’ve checked.

3. Ask them for a reference, or ask to see a list of their skill-sets; or current SEO they have done. If they show you a paid ad, they haven’t done any SEO on the website. A skilled search engine optimizer will have skills in the following:
• Advanced webmaster knowledge, website design, advanced knowledge of the following back-end website languages, HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP, etc.
• Analytics, all Social networks, inbound and outbound linking and an expert up-to-date knowledge of search-engine algorithms.

4. Ask them if you would be able to meet face-to-face prior to entering into any kind of arrangement. An SEO company would value personal time with their potential clients. It is extremely important for a search engine optimizer to learn more about the company they are going to market. Search engine optimizers will ‘partner’ with their potential clients to optimize in marketing that company’s products and services to the maximum of their advanced tools and knowledge.

5. Ask them to analyze the current SEO on your site – ask them what your SEO score is and to show you the spreadsheet or results from their research. A legitimate SEO company will NOT provide SEO to a website that won’t promote the back-end tagging, linkage and anything pertaining to obtaining positive results.

6. Ask them if they do all the work “in house” or is it delegated to another company. If the work is delegated out to another company, chances are you have minimal support and the company you are dealing with has no idea as to what is going on with the specifics to your website, the ranking or any progress.

So, let’s STOP the SEO insanity! It has been made far too confusing and a lot of companies say they are offering SEO, but in fact are offering Pay Per Click advertising.

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