Selective Harvesting

Selective Harvesting

“Selective harvesting is the silvicultural practice of harvesting a proportion of the trees in a stand.  By having arborists select the trees to be removed from your stand, you can minimize the adverse effects of harvesting timber from your property or even improve the stand.” *wikipidia

Cascade Handcrafted Log Homes worked with this private property owner to selectively harvest and clean up some windfall after our bout of  BC’s  fall and early spring windstorms. Selective harvesting the western red cedar trees allows the light to shine through and give the undergrowth and new trees a chance to thrive.

At Cascade we believe in sustaining the environment for wildlife as apposed to clear cutting and destroying natural tree growth.

The logs, with a beautiful late wood finish –  found their way into the projects we’re working on destined for New Jersey,  Ontario and Washington state where it will stand for potentially hundreds of years, rather than being processed to end up in an anomalous lumber rack.

Here’s the founder and owner/operator of Cascade Handcrafted Log Homes –  Markus Dehaas showing how to hand fall a selective harvest – the old fashioned way!

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