Piece en Piece

Piece en Piece

This is the project we are currently working on in Washington State. It’s unique in that the traditional cross corners have been replaced by large cedar flared posts. The house is designed to be non-settling to minimize any shrinkage.

This style of log stacking is called Piece en Piece. The walls are prebuilt and then dropped into place between large diameter posts that are channeled or keyed.
This stunning log home was custom designed by RCM Cad Design

Piece en Piece

Please click on the images below to see larger versions of the stunning Log Home.

Here are a few current pictures of us building the Piece en Piece project.

If you are interested in building a Log Home, please drop by the Chilliwack site, request a free quote or call 1-604-703-3452 to speak directly to Markus and he will walk you through the options available to you, whether it is residential, commercial, renovations or custom floor plans, begin the journey towards your wood-based home today!

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