Log Sorting

We landed on the Island just after dawn to survey the new logs that had just arrived so we could pick the best logs for the work ahead. You have to have a good eye for what your looking for and be quick with your decision as there are others there looking to purchase. Time is money!

Typically the logs are tied in large booms and towed to a log sort where they can be de-watered. From there they are spread out for grading and sorting.

Once they have all been graded, they are marked and put into individual piles for the potential buyers. These are spread out in 50 logs at a time and it takes about 15 minutes to sort through them all.

When you take into account, that a good scaling crew can go through 1500 to 2000 cubic meters a day. That’s about 40 logging truck loads, it pays to have experience on your side to get the best logs.

It was a great day and we are fully stocked with all the logs we require for the next few projects.

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