Log Home Decor Ideas

Log Home Decor Ideas

There are many ways you can compliment the beauty and uniqueness of a log home.  To make it cozy or elegant – A log home or log cabin is certainly flexible when it comes to log home decor.

Rustic is always a sure win when it come to log home decor – keeping the look and feel of antiquities throughout the interior and exterior will always create interest, curiosity and comfort within a log structure.

Take for example the beautiful rich colors in the textiles and puzzle table accompanied by the antique wicker chair.  Then you have the stunning old-style elaborate candle fixture over the dining room table – enhancing that “cozy” feeling among all the other rustic decor.

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Elegance with a touch of minimalist enhances the unique flares of the logs making them really stand out.

This log structure has an incredible view, which gives the entire lounge a sense of decor in itself.  Like being in front of a huge painting that changes with the seasons. So the simplified richness of the red sofa with a rustic table and the piano with its reflective lacquer, and with few items on the fireplace mantle give anyone visiting this lounge area a breathtaking experience.  Similar in the dining area, a beautiful light fixture hanging over the dining table with rich high back chairs would make anyone feel like they are dining in a royal palace with a cozy warm fire crackling in the background.

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