Livello Tables

Livello Tables

Chase Office Interiors introduces; Teknion’s Livello Tables. A height-adjustable work table, spring-loaded and foldable for multi-use. Sleek, this table can be either stationary or on coasters for mobility in other parts of the office. Beneficial in so many ways; able to be tucked away keeping your office space open.
Teknion Livello
These handy and healthy living tables can be folded and kept neatly away when not in use. Power cords are kept hidden behind a hinged flattened tray, located below the table’s surface. Hinged, this height-adjustable, spring-loaded table provides a modular, clean environment; with the added feature of a timer to keep you on a ‘stretch-and-stand’ basis; necessary for today’s personnel.

Teknion Livello CounterbalanceThe height-adjustable work top converts to ‘sit-and-stand’ to produce more space required for emergency meetings. Teknions’ revolutionary team of talented designers provide the health and living option of an adjustable work-top that can inter-lock to forming larger seamless work surfaces. These flip-top folding tables store neatly when not in use, are much easier to keep clean, making custodial maintenance a dream.

Livello Tables
A light-weight product that provides work agility, boosts physical mobility, not to mention improved access to other work-stations. This is the office furniture for the future – being used today! The health benefits are a large portion of just one a staff members’ day. Think of the benefits to all the staff and how well they aspire to fulfill their work loads with a height-adjustable bench, work-station or desk.

Teknion’s #1 Preferred Dealer Throughout BC! Let Chase’s team of professionals consult you on ‘Livello’ height-adjustable desks. When space is everything combined with the benefit of healthy living. Made with your multiple office needs in mind, built for space, for your office pace!

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