How to check if an email is spam

How to check if an email is spam

How to check email spam

Every day millions of emails are sent throughout the world. Many of which are spam emails, phishing emails or just plain scams. Here is how you tell what is real and what isn’t. Did you know that spammers are able to send emails and make it look like it came from an address you trust in the “From” line? BUT – they can not change the email headers in the source code of the email. Let us show you how to check if an email is spam!

Let’s say for example you receive an email for SEO services, or any form of online services. First of all, look at the email address. Is it from an actual company or is it a @gmail or @hotmail or @yahoo email address? If you receive an email from someone claiming to be a company that can offer you services, make sure it comes from a real company domain.

There are easy ways to check – if the email comes from then copy and paste the last part of the email address, after the @ symbol to see if they actually have a website. If not, well there’s a good chance it’s a spam, scam or phishing email. BUT sometimes the company may be updating their site when you check and you may need to check the SMTP headers of the email to validate the sender.

To do this in hotmail/outlook:
-Go to your inbox
-Right click on the email and choose “View message source” and you will see a bunch of time stamps or backend coding – Drop down to the part where it says “Received” I have highlighted it in yellow. You will be able to see exactly who this email is from.
How to check for email spam

In Outlook 2010 or newer, Open an existing email.
Click on the File tab.
Click Info.
Click the Properties button.
Review the Internet Headers. (To copy: Right-click in the field and click “Select All”, right-click again to select copy)

Once you know the sender claiming to be a legit company is scamming, spamming or phishing – junk the emails and block the sender so they can send to you anymore.

Did you know that if an emails server receives a number of complaints (blocks) from a certain email address, they will ban their IP address and perhaps the entire range from sending more scam or spam emails?

Hope this helps! Have a great day and now you can validate those questionable emails.

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