Full Scribe Log Homes

Full Scribe Log Homes

‘Full Scribe’ Log Homes refers to a method of fitting horizontal stacked logs to build a tight wall. Each log has a long groove hand cut into its underside, so it precisely and securely nests on the log below. The corners are interlocked with notching to provide a very secure structure.

This method of construction is considered the classic way to build a log home.  Full Scribe features the exposed logs stacked horizontally,  to form beautiful full log walls. This technique is thousands of years old and has remained basically the same throughout time.

Here are a few examples of full scribe log homes, using different wood types

Full Scribe Log HomesFull Scribe Log HomesFull Scribe Log Homes






The technique in building a Full Scribe log home is also known as the traditional ‘Scandinavian Full Scribe Method’ because of where it originated from.  In using a specific notched corner system, either a Saddle Notch or Round Notch, the lateral part of the logs are scribed together to form an air tight join. “Scribing”, is the method where the craftsman traces the shape of one log onto the other for a perfect fit!

Full Scribe Log HomeFull Scribe Log HomeFull Scribe Log Home






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