Christmas Log Craft Ideas

Christmas Log Craft Ideas

Christmas Log Craft Ideas

That time of year is approaching fast! Here’s a few ideas that can give your home that rustic look and that super cozy feeling!  Easy? YES!  All you need is a few logs, some paint, material, and some tools to do the job.

Take a look at these fabulous ideas.

Log Snowman

All you need for this project is a couple of logs that will sit flat on the floor (they may need sanding or sawing). Some paint, a toque and scarf and look at how cute they are! Will give any entryway that Christmas warmth.

Log Santa Claus

Can a group of Santas look any cuter?  For this rustic project you’ll need a few logs that will sit flat either on the floor or on a base (they may need sanding or sawing). Some paint, thick paper or raffia for the beard, a pompom for the nose and a piece of seasonal ribbon. Make your indoor or outdoor entry way look fantastic!

Log Reindeer

These evergreen log reindeer are both rustic and give the antique look to your Christmas display! Depending on the size of the logs, determines the size of the reindeer. All you need is different sized logs, some sticks and branches and drill and some glue!

Log Candles

Create your unique candle centerpiece for Christmas!  Every log is different which will make your centerpiece the focal point during the feast! All you need is a log ( will need to be sanded or sawed to sit flat on one side) a drill bit that is a little bigger then the candle holders and some beautifully scented candles.

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