Cascade’s New Sturgeon and Salmon Guiding Website

Cascade’s New Sturgeon and Salmon Guiding Website

Welcome to our new website!

2015 will mark Cascade Fishing Adventures‘ 25th anniversary so why not make a few new moves and light the place up? It is safe to say that for 25 years we’ve done a very good job of keeping quiet and consequently, we find ourselves being the best kept guiding secret on the Fraser river! Blowing our own horn has never been our style, but we hope we can make ourselves less of a secret – we have some pretty amazing fishing to show you, the adventurous and curious angler that you are!

Dave and Karen of Fraser Valley Webs deserve a lot of credit for this new site and how it works and flows. They are also terrific people to work with!

Looking into our website, you will find the Fishing banner where you will see descriptive information on each species of fish that provide our angling opportunities. You can learn a bit about their life history, learn identifying features, find relevant fishing photos for each species, and gain some insight into the methods used to fish for them.

Should you click on the About Us banner, you can learn about Cascade Fishing Adventures and what makes the business tick.

I am a believer in the saying ” a picture is worth a thousand words”. You will find many photos throughout our new site, plus hitting the Gallery page will lead you to specific fishing photos that you may be seeking.

Clicking on the Fishing News banner will land you here, where you will find up to date information on our fishing successes (or heartbreaks). We will also be dishing up informative pieces on how we fish, what tackle we use for specific tasks and why – putting years of experience on your monitor. We hope this will save you some frustrations and allow you to enjoy the complete experience instead of worrying about details. There is a link on the page that allows you to subscribe to this blog should you be interested in receiving further updates.

If you have any comments about our site and the information contained within, hit us up on our Contacts Page. We would be pleased to hear from you!

Should you, family members, friends or co-workers be interested in experiencing one of our fully guided fishing adventures in the Fraser Valley, please contact us by simply using the Contact Page, or calling us direct at the numbers below. We are looking forward to hearing from you and showing you the best kept secret on the river!

All the best in your fishing adventures!

Marc and Maggie Laynes

Cascade Fishing Adventures Fishing News

Cascade Fishing Adventures Fishing News

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