Cascade Handcrafted Log Homes

Nestled in the eastern corner of Chilliwack by scenic Bridal Falls, lies the industrious Cascade Handcrafted Log Homes. For over 20 years, spectacular residences of all sizes have been created around the world, from Canada, the USA, Europe and Asia.

The Cascade crew provides an indigenous verve in the realm of creativity.  You feel the heart and soul poured into each project, everyone involved leaving their signature and innovative workmanship in the residences they produce.  The end result is a customized product; unique and stunning, to be resided in and passed on to future generations.

If you envision a home that melds into the forest, or spreads out onto acreage, the components of your home will always be environmentally friendly.  By cutting down on man-made materials versus woods’ natural beauty, we keep the world a greener place to live. Our experienced Architects and Autocad designers can modify an existing floor plan or give you a completely custom floor plan tailored specifically to your requirements.

Trendy choices include: White Pine; distinguished by its pungent aroma and distinctive light coloration.  Red Cedar provides coppery-red hues and tapered, strutted bases, forming the focal points in great rooms and entrance ways.  Animal, bird and plant shapes pleasantly morph themselves into the homes’ interior and exterior construction, signifying the crews’ hidden talents and relentless goal for a prime finished product.

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  • Log Species

  • Main FeaturesMain Features
  • Other ConsiderationsOther Considerations

  • Western Red Cedar

  • Main FeaturesBest overall type. Does well in all settings, excellent stability. Old growth checks less and has less moisture and tension than other species, more stable and naturally resistant to decay.
  • Other ConsiderationsHas natural oil content that helps preserve it over the long run because of it’s natural anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Character flare at the log base that makes each very unique in appearance.

  • Douglas Fir

  • Main FeaturesStrongest available wood. Good for structural elements such as floor and roof beams.
  • Other ConsiderationsLess stable than cedar, more checking. Increased freight costs due to higher weight.

  • Standing Dead Pine

  • Main FeaturesSeen as the ethical or environmental choice for wood however there is a short window of opportunity to utilize the tree after beetle attack.
  • Other ConsiderationsNot available locally so overall cost (including shipping to the builder) could be higher.

* Prices listed are estimates only, and are based on 2015 market value

All home plans begin at the Chilliwack Log Yard, where clients can view other homes in various stages of the build process until they are ready to be shipped to the client locations. They are mastered from start to finish, with clients included during every phase of the home development and including the final construction. To sample some the catalogue of stunning local and international log homes, please click the respective link.

Drop by the Chilliwack site, request a free quote or call 1-604-703-3452 to speak directly to Markus and he will walk you through the options available to you, whether it is residential, commercial, renovations or custom floor plans, begin the journey towards your wood-based home today.

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