10 Trends in Office Design

10 Trends in Office Design

10 Trends in Office Design
Changes come and go, but some are here to stay! Here’s our take on the 10 Trends in Office Design

• These Changes Will Affect How Companies Buy and Use Space
• Trends in Office Configuration Will Undoubtedly Affect Leasing and Sales
• What Will the Future Office Look Like and How Will it Affect Commercial Real Estate

1. Collaboration is the ‘New’ Work Model: Four creative individuals define a garage as an ‘office’ until success dictates them to up-grade. Separated by their own offices dampens the frenetic energy they once exchanged in the close environment. Re-planning, producing an open conference area, regained that connectivity.

2. Say ‘Goodbye’ to Big Private Offices: Who pays the rent? Time to donate the mighty ‘toe-breaker’ converting it into a resource center; accommodating lap-top and cellular functions. Recycling natural materials into office products is the new green.

3. Say ‘Hello’ to Shared Private Enclaves: Partitions are now moveable, artistic devices, that allow staff to visually task with one another; or retreat to private areas to unfraggle thoughts.
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4. Today’s Workforce Requires Touch-down Spaces: Checking E-mail, voice messages and data gathering are required for touching-down. Repair crew require similar areas in the same sphere, without interrupting staff workload processes.

5. Management Must Re-think Technologies: Technology never sleeps. Fibre-optics are the future, discreetly installed from floors and columns. Management ensures a smooth shift by scheduling untethering, storing main files and working with immediate files.

6. Activity-Based Planning is the Key to Space Design: Work-stations were re-scaled to creating extra coffee enclaves, libraries and private kiosks with internet and phone access.

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7. Those in the Office Get the Biggest Space: Expansive offices for upper management agreed occupying only a percentage of the time, would be of use to other support staff like engineers and repairmen, by offering that office space for higher utilization.

8. Grouping employees in basic desk settings, with the ability to converse was an advantage in solving customer service questions during job functions.

9. Less Drywall Is More: Drywall has a lifespan involving: filling, sanding, then priming, painting. Gyproc walls are rapidly being replaced with flexible sliding glass panels. Floor to ceiling glass walls infuse light into a room, join together to enlarge a room, or easily pocket away.

10. When the Walls Can Talk, What Will They Say? There’s an unspoken language of connection. From the light fixtures, floor, the furniture, to the desks that plug into alcoves anywhere in the building. The walls will hum with appreciation, knowing that power is everywhere. . .

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