Thermally Efficient PVC

The custom home architectural design trend continues to move towards more modern and contemporary styles. This has challenged the fenestration community to innovate designs that fulfill the demands of large, floor to ceiling openings while not sacrificing durability and performance. …

Environmentally Friendly Log Homes

Environmentally Friendly Log HomesCascade Handcrafted Log Homes supports an environmentally friendly approach by using a method of building that has been around for centuries.  In addition to being environmentally friendly as far as the building goes, we also selectively harvest logs for the

Log Home Heating Efficiency

Log home heating efficiency compared to a conventionally built home.

Log Home Heating Efficiency

Handcrafted log home walls have comparable R-values to what you get with standard construction. However we have noted that log homes are often easier to heat than what you would …

Rustic Halloween Ideas

Trick or Treaters are coming soon! Here’s some great ideas on how to make a stunning rustic Halloween display at your house.  Rustic décor is always very cozy and enjoyable, and kind of relaxing in that there is no perfection

Piece en Piece Update

Piece en Piece

A Piece en Piece Update.   A project we’ve been working on for a fabulous client in Washington State. It’s unique in that the traditional cross corners have been replaced by large western red cedar flared posts. The

Calgary Showroom

Since the Grand Opening of our CALGARY SHOWROOM in April 2016, we have a complete line of Westeck Window and Door products on display!